What Do You Get For 1KWH?

May 14, 2010 | 08:01
What Do You Get For 1KWH?
What Do You Get For 1KWH?
General Electrics published this lovely infographic to help us understand what 1 kilowatt hour really means. The infographic puts things in a human scale perspective and shows us exactly how long we would have to use a certain household appliance to consume 1 kW·h.

So next time you need to impress someone with useless facts, you'll know that with 1 kW·h you can watch 6 episodes of Lost on your new Plasma TV or play your favorite video game for over 5 hours and, this one surprised me a bit, you can type away on your laptop for as little as 20 hours! Thanks to General Electrics I won't have to feel guilty anymore for blogging 10 hours a day :p

Check out the graphic here.

via Gizmodo
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