Youth Food Movement Winter Diner

March 6, 2011 | 15:35
Youth Food Movement Winter Diner
Youth Food Movement Winter Diner
The Youth Food Movement (YFM) is an international network of young people who want good, clean and fair food. Several events are organised to make more people enthusiastic about the YFM philosophy. For example there is a YFM academy which is aimed to bring together professionals from the food sector, ranging from agriculture and fishing to catering and student-chefs, so they can exchange ideas and protocols in order to change our food system for the future.

Another event, which is open to the public, are occasional eat-ins. These are diners aimed to create awareness about product origin and processing. Off course this should make the final result all the more enjoyable.

TTF went to visit one of these eat-ins recently to see what they where about. In one word: impressive. The diner would have been outstanding even if there was no story whatsoever behind it. We had two starters, fish and vegan, then wild boar followed by a wonderful fresh ravioli. After that we had halibut with cockles and to finish this five course gourmet meal we had a lovely trifle. Of course, all courses came with a complimentary wine, each with its own story as well.

During the courses, we heard some great stories from both the chefs who made the food as well as the people who produced the ingredients. For example, when we ate the halibut, we saw a short presentation from the fisher who had actually caught the fish that very morning. This worked really well, especially because the people behind the food were so passionate about it. Most of them were either professional chefs or gastronomic students.

It won't be a surprise that I recommend going to a YFM eat-in if you have the chance. Since YFM is international, they might be near you! For example check out:

YFM Holland

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