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RGBDigit 1"RGB 7Sement Digit Arduino and neopixel driven

Status: Proposal
October 10, 2014 , Latest update: May 24, 2016
Dear visitor,
There are basicly 2 way's to explore RGBDigit.
One; For a quick RGBDigit impression view the interview with Clemens Valens Technical Manager Elektor Magazine.
TwoFor more detail explore the tekst below.
Hope to see you at   2017
This is what I had in mind when starting my RGBDigit project, an RGBDigit user building his own awsome RGBDigit project
Nice work Ralph
video only
Hope to see you at or
Finally it is there, the RGBDigit library.
This week, one of the RGBDigit customers has almost finished his RGBDigit Arduino library. 
He has posted it on so everyone can use it.
It looks really cool. Well done Raplh!
With this library, RGBDigit users can very easily program the neopixels used inside the RGBDigit's.
Also, the IR reader which you can find on the RGBDigit shield, is implemented in the new RGBDigit library.
The application of the LM92 Temperature sensor, which you can also find on the RGBDigit shield, wil become available in the next version of the library.
I am really happy with the library and hope you will enjoy it to.
Once again, great job Ralph.
Kind regards,
What is RGBDigit
RGBDigit is the first 7 segment display with programmable RGB LEDS, that requires only 3 wires to control them. 
RGBDigit improves the possibilities and usability of displays compared to those that are currently on the market:
Standard display  
The well-known classic 7-segment display.
-    One pre-set colour, where the variety of colours is limited
-    10 wires on the back
Adafruit RGB 7 segment display (
Although the display looks quite good, it has some disadvantages.
-    High price, the price is quite high at around €14 per display.
-    25 pins on the back, this requires a lot of solder work if you want to have for example a simple 4 digit clock, were you have to make sense of 100 wires.
-    Limited Arduino platform support, a more advanced micro controller is needed that can receive all these inputs (Arduino UNO doesn’t have enough ports for just one of these digits!)
The new developed RBGDigit gives a solution with the struggles that are shown above. We offer the following features:
-    Arduino platform support.
-    Neopixels, allowing 16.581.375 possible colours and the use of the well-developed Neopixel library  By using standard neopixels the RGBDigit's can also be controlled by micro controllers other than the Arduino UNO e.g. raspberry pi.
-    Minimum number of connecting pins, using only 3 pens in from your micro controller and 3 pens out that are used to connect the digits with each other.       
-    Cascading up to 10 RGDigits, using only 3 input wires for all the digits.
-    Open source product.
Currently there is already a RGBDigit library available, written by a RGBDigit user
-    Supporting products available for using the RGBDigit's.
At this moment there is a  Arduino UNO shield  and a Arduino Micro 4 or 6 digit backbone available.
-    Hardware and demo software available via the Site or Webshop.
                See and
-    Community, make it possible that future users have a lot of fun in using/programming/applying the RGBDigit's. just like me.  Maintaining/expanding a RGBDigit application list for all existing and future users.
We are of course always open to ideas or suggestions to improve the RGBDigit products.
Kind regards, and Coen.
Following the successful Makerfaire 2015 in Eindhoven NL we have started a RGBDigit webshop.
In the shop you can find the RGBDigits and his supporting products (Arduino schield) who have come from the project
and there will be an interesting early bird discount.
The main goal of the project is to allow users to experience a lot of fun in using our RGBDigits, just like me
And to raise some funds for the next step in the project, namely scaling up the production and starting a kickstarter project 
Description of my  1" RGBDigit ARDUINO UNO/Micro project.
Always wanted to work with a multicolor serial 7segment display. In this project you can read all about the development of my Arduino Micro / UNO controlled 1" RGBDigit. The result is a multifunctional 4x 1" RGBdigit Arduino UNO schield and a 6x 1" RGBDigit Arduino Micro coltrolled backbone board both with a very accurate DS3231 clock.
The first 130 RGBDigits and the RGBDigit UNO Shield are ready see photo's
Shield side
Shield front
Shield rear
Arduino UNO RGBDigit on breadboard
1" RGBDigit datasheet
RGBDgit shield disciption
RGBDigit Arduino UNO 
temp verus color demo     
RGBDigit Xmas message
RGBDigit men at work   
Impression 1 RGBDigit  
Hello World                    
Color temp (range)         
Brightnes demo              
Demo 6 x 1" rgbdigit clock  
These products can be purchased soon on
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Shield impression
this is how 96 unit's look like
this is how 96 PCB's look like
2x 1" RGBDigit with Frizing breadboard

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