7-segment display with 5mm rgb leds and decimal point driven by normal pwm. pwm voltage 100% 5V

Matte black PCB color 29 Leds RGB type WP154A4SUREQBFZGW KingBrightCommon cathodes, 5mm diameter, diffuse white.Inclination of the figure 3° to the right.7 segments composed of 4 LEDs.Decimal point 1 LED
Total thickness 23,5 mm.Distance from PCB surface to end of Led 12.5mm.
87 reference resistors TE CONNECTIVITY CRG1206F680R
Resistors type 1206-3216 per color on each LED.
1 Connector 2 x 6 pin male type, vertical.
2 fixing holes diameter 3.2 mm in the upper part.
Size :Height 75.6 mm. Width 48.2 mm.