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Accessory of programming

Status: Proposal
September 17, 2016
The device (for the ATMEL microcontrollers programming but adaptable to other manufacturers) has three parts.
_ A fixed part plastic (3D manufacturing), supporting two cylindrical aluminum 6 mm diameter, makeshift slides to force.
_Also sliding contacts spring support for positioning under the circuit board.
_ A mobile part now the circuit board with blocking by screws. 

The PCB should have a mark corresponding to a HE6 connector with pin 1 upper-left footprint being perpendicular to the Rails. The edges of the circuit must be free of components on 1.5 mm to be able to move through the slides of the device. 
Dimensions of printed circuits, mini 15mm maxi 100mm (Europ cards).
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Device in programming
Mini size 15 mm
Maxi size 100 mm

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