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Analog power supply units with Power-Mos rectifiers

Status: Proposal
March 2, 2014

PM quattro

Analog power supply unit with 4 Power-Mos rectifiers, parallel or series use of the 4 rectified input-voltages by switches, mode low: 2x2,5A output (0-14V), mode high: 2x1,25A (0-30V),(when the difference between the input voltage to the output voltage becomes too small, the in-operation LED begins to blink), big load capacitors, no output ripple, no hf-problems, very low-drop control-loop, utilizing the input voltages in idling phase (mode low: Unmuffled 2x18V=/ 2x0,5A and 2x12V~ transformer voltage!), potential-free external activation (2,5-5V for 0-30V output) via SUB-D-front-connector or intern steering by 1poti for both outputs, exclusive use of readily available components


PM duo

2 Power-Mos rectifiers, mode low: 1x2,5A output (0-14V), mode high: 1x1,25A (0-30V)


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