If you are nostalgic for the old video games of your childhood, this card connected to an RPI is the solution.

Two years ago, I had the idea of ​​making a video game arcade machine.
So I embarked on this adventure to achieve this result.
Finally :
- 3 designed electronic cards (including the "ATX Powersupply for RPI" project)
- a dozen plastic parts printed in 3D.
- and many hours of work.

This project only deals with the key controller card.
It plugs into a Raspberry PI card via the USB port which powers it and is recognized as a keyboard.

The architecture is relatively simple and is based on a AT90USB1287 which interfaces directly on the USB port. That's all...

Development was carried out under ECLIPSE IDE with the avr-gcc compiler and programming is done using the FLIP tool from Microchip.
The code is partly based on " AVR271: USB Keyboard Demonstration on megaAVR with USB " application note.

Yes I know this kind of card is available on the Internet but mine also manages the light banner, the possibility of connecting 2 coin switches and above all, I've done it by myself and what a pleasure to be able to play with my children to old video games . :-)