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Arduino Pro IDE

Status: Finished
October 22, 2019
Released last October at the 2019 Maker Faire Rome, the Arduino Pro IDE is based on Eclipse Theia. The classic Arduino command line interface (CLI) still provides all the main Arduino features, but now runs in deamon mode.

The new IDE is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux64.

At the time of writing, the Arduino Pro IDE was at version 0.0.1-alpha-preview which suggests that most users better wait a few releases before downloading and installing the new IDE. Those who prefer to build the IDE themselves from the source code will have to wait too.

In Video

Here is a video showing our first impressions of the new IDE.

The Arduino Pro IDE Has Many New Features

Arduino Pro IDE in advanced mode
The Arduino Pro IDE in advanced mode showing some of its features.

Two Modes, This is Classic Mode

Arduino Pro IDE in classic mode
Classic mode looks quite similar to the classic Arduino 1.8 IDE.


Arduino Pro IDE autocompletion
Autocompletion needs some getting used to before it becomes useful.

Improved Error Reporting

Arduino Pro IDE error reporting
The Arduino Pro IDE suggests solutions to compilation problems.

Built-in Source Control

Arduino Pro IDE has Git inside
Arduino Pro IDE has Git-based source control built in. But how do you use it?

Click here to download the Arduino Pro IDE.
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