In this creative project, we dive into classic gaming with this circuit that brings the iconic Tetris game to the Arduino platform!

This project is also available at Max Imagination's Workshop.

Welcome to the Arduino Tetris Game project! Dive into classic gaming with this innovative creation that brings the iconic Tetris game to life using Arduino technology.

Our project combines Tetris's beloved gameplay with Arduino boards' versatility, resulting in a fun and interactive gaming experience. The game operates through a unique, compact setup that utilizes buttons, a buzzer, and an OLED display connected to an Arduino-compatible Beetle board all on a small breadboard! 

Parts Required
Circuit Diagram
To better understand the workings of this project, check out our detailed diagram that illustrates the circuitry and connections involved in bringing Tetris to your Arduino setup. This diagram provides a visual guide to how the buttons, buzzer, OLED display and microcontroller come together to form a working 2D game. Here is a view without the Beetle for a better view of the wiring: 
circuit diagram 1
Then this is the complete circuit, with the Beetle fitted:
circuit diagram 2

At its core, the game allows users to control the falling Tetris blocks using the buttons connected to the Arduino. The LED matrix displays the blocks as they descend, and the goal remains the same: strategically rotate and position the blocks to complete solid rows and prevent the screen from filling up.
finished assembly

Whether you're a Tetris enthusiast or an Arduino hobbyist looking for challenging yet entertaining projects, our Arduino Tetris Game offers an engaging way to explore the intersection of gaming and electronics. Join us on this exciting journey as we combine Tetris's nostalgia with Arduino technology's creativity!
finished assembly

The quick assembly video for this project can be found as a Reel/Short on Instagram (@max.imagination) or YouTube (Max Imagination).
playing the game

Code for the Arduino Tetris Game (works with Arduino Leonardo (Beetle board), Nano, Uno,  any other Arduino-compatible microcontroller, etc. is available here as well as in the attached files below.