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Build your own RFID reader writer

Status: Proposal
July 13, 2017
A nice kit for software developer, students and electronics hobbyists to understand working of various smart cards. The components required in this kit is available everywhere and cost just few £ or $. Unlike most RFID starter kit, this one does not need any micro controller.  You need just 3 things
  1. PN532 reader writer board.
  2. USB to TTL connector or FTDI cable
  3. My learning software.
I have made 100+ videos with total 35hrs in you tube. I will be adding more.  These videos are available in channel called "FinitePi Videos". The videos are available to public. 

You can buy RFID tags from various websites. Tags are very cheap to buy these days. The software serves 2 purposes
  1. Teaches you how data is stored. How authentication works, OTP, locking etc.
  2. For software developers shows how to program PN532 chip set.
This kit is a must for all software professional and students. We are all seeing how fast our day to day live is moving towards smart cards these days.

Note : At present the software supports Mifare Ultralight and NTAG 213/215/216. The following tags will be added one by one
  1. Mifare Classic 1K, 4K
  2. NTAG 230
  3. Mifare Ultralight EV1
  4. Topaz 512
  5. NTAG 210/212
  6. Mifare Utralight C
  7. SRIX
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USB to TTL cable, PN532 Board
Sample tags, Wires, connectors
connect USB to TTL and PN532 board. You will have to solder 4 pins
Mifare Ultralight Screen from the software
Software screen showing commands sent o PN532
Screen showing locks
Understand how configuration works

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