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Control module flashlight PWM [140019-I]

Status: Finished
September 14, 2013

The assembly is initially designed to drive an leds flashlight or any other battery-supplied led lighting application with a PWM dimming. The module is designed for a 7.2V battery supply but the regulator can be supplied with a voltage of up to 14V. The electronics is controlled by an ATTINY45 microcontroller programmed through an in-system programming interface. The power consumption of the circuit has been minimized in order to preserve the battery life. A battery management function is integrated with a visually bicolour led visual indicator that operates in "flash mode" to optimize the power consumption: o " Green flashing " normal operation. o "Orange flashing" low battery. o " Red flashing " flat battery. The microcontroller cuts the lighting leds when it detects the battery is flat and will restart automatically once the battery is recharged. The light intensity of leds can be adjusted with a two positions switch. By default, a PWM value of 50% is applied on software start-up. Additionally, a push-button enables to switch the flashlight to flash mode in order to signal oneself on the roadside for example.

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