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Create the best low power tube amplifier?

Status: Proposal
February 22, 2013

Building the best sounding amplifier is always a life long mission for audiophiles in the world. There are some that chase sky high output power, lowest THD and such. And, there are some that seek purity and simplicity.

This project is all about purity as the ultimate goal. We are designing a single stage single ended vacuum single tube per channel amplifier using E55L (8233) pentode. It can be configured in pentode (ultra-linear) and triode mode. Although there are plenty of other tubes to choose, this looks to be one of the best choice we can have based on price and availability. You don't want us to build a Western Electric WE437 amplifier, do you?

There will be ZERO capacitor in the signal path. Capacitors are only employed in the power supply. In order to achieve the highest performance in terms of audio quality, and with this kind of simplicity and component count, the parts selected shall need to be of the highest quality.

For example: amorphous core silver input & output transformer, Z11 core power transformer, amorphous core power supply inductor, silver wires, teflon tube socket, and etc. All these will cost us a lot of money. This will not happen if we do not get your support!!!

So, come and join us to make this the best sounding low power tube amplifier ever in history! Aren't you excited about this? Do you want to witness the making and get to have a share on the project? We welcome all you inputs and support to make this a reality, and make it a success! If support is good, perhaps we could even make a kit out of it and all can enjoy the benefits of volume pricing and have all the hard work done by us. We win, you win, everybody wins!

P/S: Due to the simplicity and purist design, it will not have ample of power. Therefore, care must be taken on matching of the speakers to be used with this amplifier to get the best combined performance. High efficiency speakers are plenty nowadays fortunately! Best regards, Ken

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