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FPGA Developement Board (120099)

Status: Finished
July 25, 2012
in Elektor magazine | December 2012 | Find it here
FPGAs are unquestionably among the most versatile but complex components in modern-day electronics. An FPGA contains a maze of gates and other circuit elements that can be used to put together your own digital circuit on a chip. In this series of articles we use an FPGA development board designed in the Elektor Labs to show how easy it is for any electronics enthusiast, whether professional or amateur, to work with these programmable logic devices.
Taming the Beast - a simplified approach to working with FPGAs
Taming the Beast (2) - How to build an LED blinker with 250 Kgates
Taming the Beast (3) - Counting to 100 with 250 Kgates
Taming the Beast (4) - Make-belief with 250 Kgates
Taming the Beast (5) - Programming 250 Kgates in VHDL


An FPGA developement board that doesn't need a JTAG programmer.
Status: v1.2 prototypes constructed.
Two working prototypes.
v1.3 pcb design update. Fiducials added, silk screen modified for a more professional look.
Generated pick and place files using ULP in eagle.
Update 01 October 2012
I have been working on a demo board for elektor live. 
Update 23 November 2012
The production model was correctly assembled and the firmware was functional.


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version 1.2 PCB
version1.0 pcb

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