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Geiger Counter Data Logger with WLAN Interface

Status: In progress
June 4, 2012

Complete System for measuring and monitoring radioactivity by Marcus Vohburger Building a geiger counter is actually pretty simple. There are many many geiger counter circuits around the internet, but most of them are very basic circuits that will only give you acoustical feedback (the typical 'Klick' sound...). Some more sophisticated designs can be found, these use a microcontroller and a LCD to actually display the measured number. But this design goes far beyond most circuits that can be found elsewhere. It is a complete system for measuring and monitoring radioactivity, with included data logger for 128 days with 1-Minute resolution. Plus, it allows you to configure several alert levels. So you will automatically be sent an Email if the readings exceed your alert settings. By combining the Flyports PIC Microcontroller Firmware with some Javascript Pages, you also get a very flexible user interface, which gives you full access to all of the interesting data, just by using your browser. Resources: Full project description / Schematics Sourcecode available on request

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Starting Screen of User Interface
Graphical Display of Logged Data
Complete Project in Enclosure
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