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IoT Shed and Garden module using ESP8266

Status: Proposal
April 5, 2016
This project is a module that uses WiFi to control up to 8 relays capable of switching 230V 10A applications. The unit can be placed in a toolshed, garage or even a simple water resistant box to control nearby lights, water pump, etc. All pins of the Olimex MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV module are exposed though headers to allow for additional applications, such as sensors using I2C or SPI or serial communication. Also the AD converter of the ESP8266 is available on an external pin. The module relies on just the ESP8266 core, no other microcontrollers are used. 
The basic software is written with the Arduino IDE using the ESP8266 modules that allow Arduino style programming of this very versatile WiFi module. To stay close to modern and simple standards, It implements a REST API style control interface. Some examples:

Relays can be controlled by requesting this URL:
http://iotshed1/switches/1/on or

If you connected anything to the A/D converter, you can read the actual value by 

This REST API will make it easy for other applications (both hardware and software) to connect to this module. I will present a control solution using a Raspberry Pi and control options from a cloud server system that will use this module as an example.
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