Build your own LoRaWAN gateway, nodes and application.

I propose to make your own LoRa gateway and join the wide world that is the Internet of Things (IoT). We will use the communities' The Things Network and thus expand the network into the world.

1) Make the gateway with a Raspberry Pi and Lora/GPS HAT for Raspberry Pi available in the Elektor shop. The documentation and software needed are available from The Things Network.

2) Declare an application on The Things Network and obtain the details needed to configure the node.

3) Build a node, your IoT project, with an Arduino Leornado (the goal is to use the Elektor Uno R4) and an RN2483 module from Microchip. The documentation and firmware again are available from The Things Network.

4) The data is received on the website The Things Network, but the goal is to receive data on an Android smartphone (in progress)