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mbed-able General Purpose ARM module

Status: Proposal
December 8, 2013
Submitted by: David Smart (

The design objectives for this baseboard were to create a general purpose baseboard that can be used for educational use, or just as effectively designed into an embedded solution and forgotten. Whether for education, hobby, or commercial usage, a reliable design reduces doubt, development and rework. While experimenting, headers and shorting blocks permit easy alteration for flexible access to various IO configurations. For permanent installations, soldered-in jumpers could be used instead. See also: Where to from here? I'm assessing a number of possible directions: + Add a POE module as an alternate power source. + Add a display module, because a user interface is often desired. + Mature the WiFly bridge. + Mature the HDMI-CEC Bus interface. + Consider Packaging options. + Consider some additional flexibility in the analog/digital input circuitry.
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