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MCNF Micro-Controller Networking Framework

Status: Proposal
December 22, 2012

MCNF is a framework to build measurement, control and automation applications. The target are the typical applications where PC software controls realtime functions in an embedded system via communication. In MNCF, user-defined C#-WPF apps on a Master-PC control embedded microcontroller device functions over a network. Networking is based on a well defined MCNF Command-Response-Protocol. A small and easy-to-implement networking kernel on each microprocessor handles this protocol. Many standard functions are built-in, e.g. - regular connectivity tests - read and write of embedded variables - save to EEPROM and load from EEPROM of embedded variables - gateway functions Two key features are unique in MCNF: - the microcontroller network may consist of a heterogeneous mix of UART, I²C, SPI, Ethernet and other standards. - the C# applications are not affected by changes in the network configuration; the user may for example run an application locally in his lab or remotely via Ethernet gateway without changing a single line of the C# code. MCNF includes an integrated development environment with project database, system and network configurator, data editor, scripting support and tools for testing and message tracing. MCNF comes with “Getting Started”, documentation, tutorials based on Arduino hardware (Atmel AVR ATmega328P, ATmega32u4 and others) and .Net platform as well as templates to create your own C#-WPF apps. MCNF is hosted at Google Code:

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