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Modular case system for your next project [Raspberry Pi | Arduino | & more]

Status: Proposal
May 26, 2019
The community around Raspberry Pi, Arduino & Co. grows and grows and so does the amount of ideas wanted to be realized with the great boards. Almost always one need a case at the end. Whether it is to protect the electronics or simply to get a more beautiful design and so one unavoidably run into following problems:
  • The case doesn't fit for my board.
  • The case can only cover one of my boards, but not my sensors, camera, storage media  and other electronic components.
  • The case can only be used indoors.
  • I can't get my cables with plugs (HDMI, USB, network) through the cable gland (so that it seals again at the end).
  • I don't find a really nice case for outdoor.
  • I can't find a enclosure solution that I can use over time.
  • I can't find a enclosure solution that I can extend.
  • I can't find a enclosure solution that fits for all my boards.
  • …..
After 7 months of development we believe we have created a case system that will solve all these problems and provide a solid base for your future projects.

Check it out on Kickstarter -

Hope to hear from you!
Feedback highly desired!
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The mounting adapter can be used for a lot of things
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