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Status: Proposal
February 5, 2018 , Latest update: March 31, 2018
The ESP as Weatherstation. He collect humidity, air pressure, temperature, lightvalue and may be more.  He send the data over mqtt to a smart home Server, a Raspberry Pi.
Here it will be the Data stored and visualized.
The Weatherstation has to work as stand alone, too. The Data will be stored in a SD-Card and the Energy will be generated by solar power.
May be, i will find same additionals.
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first try with the elektronik
look in the station without roof
so look my station, solar powered and working
just pull out the elektronik
left is my smart mirro, and rigth a tablet. both visulize the weater data from the station in the middle
how to wire the ESP32 and the sensors
the Node red Dashboard, can be open in every Browser
Visulize the weather data
the elektronik stuff is mounted on a wodden plate
glue the part of the weaterstation house together
just in the beginnig
wired with jumperwire
how the datatransfer is working
this plate will be the birdhouse
Program of node red dashbord
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    dokumentation (1.91 MB )
    the hole doku off my IOT_ESP32_weatherstation
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    Program (3.97 KB )
    Program for arduino IDE, of my weather station
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    wiring (16.95 KB )
    how to wired every thing together

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