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Portable dust pollution display with temp and Humidity:

Status: Proposal
October 21, 2018
It is my second device about air pollution. The first one, which is still working on my balcony was design around a Sharp sensor and send to internet with an ESP, all solar power supply.

I wanted to develop a new one smaller, using another dust sensor (here the PMS7003) and with temperature and humidity display. Also, an option to send to internet, (I'm using thingspeak) is possible.

I made last year a mockup with different sensors on temperature/Humidity (DHT11 / SHT1x) and 2 different dust sensor (PMS7001/SDS011), all around an ESP32. this mockup was solar power, with charging a battery through a large solar power. I got many data like here:

Based on this mockup, I m redoing this device but in another direction. Portable, can be put inside or outside. To make it simple, I'm focusing only on 2 sensors: the DHT11 and the PMS7003. The SHT1x is too crazy to solder and the SDS011 too big. The idea is to keep the ESP32 (code reuse) but with lithium battery USB charge.

For the display, it is still under thinking, depending of the casing which should be weather proof...

Let's see the outcome


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