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Programmer via RS232 the module Bluetooth BLE112 without CC-DEBUGGER

Status: Proposal
July 22, 2013
Program BLE112.png
Here the project of a programmer of the BLE112 by port RS232 without microcontroller. The assembly is composed of 4 circuits 74HC, a regulator 3,3v and some passive components (Quartz, diodes, Zener diodes, transistors…)
July 21st, 2013
The signal of RESET is operational. The signals towards the module are functional. The program in Visual Basic is in test mode (the orders are did step by step)
Next Stage : To check that a module already programmed functional connected to this programmer, To receive on the oscilloscope the ID of the module.
December 2013
????? Do you want i perform this project ??????


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