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Raspberry Pi simple PLC

Status: Proposal
October 1, 2015

Raspberry Pi simple PLC, an attempt to implement a simple PLC into a Raspberry Pi single-board computer.

With a Raspberry Pi board and the aid of eight PCA9555 Port-Expanders the states of 64 inputs can be monitored and 64 outputs can be driven. The project provides also to add 4 GNUBLIN ADC-Modules ( 4 x 8 analog inputs).

A ladder diagram editor is also included. This Ladder Diagram Editor is designed to allow you to easily prepare a PLC program by simply placing blocks. Ladder diagrams, which are in many ways similar to relay logic diagrams, are frequently used to graphically generate programs. When the instructions in the program are executed, the states of the inputs are monitored, depending on these states, various outputs are set either High or Low.

All functionality of the ladder diagram editor is available only under ubuntu. Other Linux distributions have not been tested.

With the Windows operating system, it is not possible to benefit from the online features.
Windows users can use a popular program named PuTTY to interact with the Raspberry Pi PLC.

Home site:


2015-10-05 Running light example posted.
Ladder Diagram running light example:
RPIPLC Hardware running light example:

Analog converter example:
How to:

8 inputs / 8 outputs example:
How to:



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Hardware with 8 inputs, 8 outputs in action.
RPIsPLC hardware
Running te Ladder Diagram Editor.
Ladder Diagram an analog converter example.
Ladder Diagram an analog converter example.
Ladder Diagram create connection to Raspberry Pi PLC.
Get online information from the Rpi PLC.
Ladder Diagram simulator in action.
Isolated 24 Volt module with 8 inputs and 8 outputs.
Schematic of the 24 Volt module.
PCB of the 24 Volt module.
Picture 24 Volt module.

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