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Raspberry pi touch screen barometer

Status: Proposal
May 3, 2017
During a weather TV show, I saw beautiful former barometers (time Louis XV 1715-1774) but especially a beautiful barometer which thus writes on a roller the atmospheric pressure finally records, which makes it possible to thus visualize the variations indicates a weather forecasting.

I found in one of my box a Raspberry pi with his touch screen 7”. Why not use this environment ? Is it necessary to put the pressure pick-up on Raspberry pi ? Since the case (Raspberry and screen) is closed, I put forward a small USB interface to you which will connect on one of the 4 USB ports of Raspberry. This one will be compound: a USB/Serial interface, Arduino mini and the pressure pick-up BME280.  
Now, it will be necessary to develop all the graphic interface on Raspberry pi in order to visualize the atmospheric pressure on 24h, 48h, 1 week… I will integrate into this project the Bluetooth Low Energy thermometer which I was described in the Elektor magazine.  

To be continued 

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