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Robust and simple digital clock

Status: Proposal
January 9, 2016 , Latest update: November 20, 2016

A digital clock displaying time, date and current room temperature on a 2x16 LCD display. The time and date are managed by a DS1307 RTC backed up by a battery. The system is controlled by a PIC16F876 microcontroller. The clock circuit and interface buttons are mounted in a strong metal case. The clock parameters (time, date and alarm) are set using a PC program, making it fast and simple and avoiding a lot of buttons and tricky menus. A switch allows to disable the alarm. Another switch turns on the display back-light for some time and stops the alarm ringing. The clock is powered by a 5V 1A phone power supply. The microcontroller firmware is programmed in C using Sourceboost BoostC. The PC program is a C program too that can be compiled with gcc or Cygwin on Windows. The schematics were drawn with Eagle.

The project is finished and working. Source code, firmware binary and schematics are available here :

Project videos (and other projects videos too) :

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The clock running.
The circuit mounted in the case.
The circuit mounted in the case.
The circuit mounted in the case.
The 2x16 display backlighted.
The empty case.
The rear panel containing the connectors (power supply and serial port).
The circuit top.
The circuit bottom.
The upper panel containing the "snooze" button will now be mounted.
Inside view of the case.
The clock fully assembled.

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