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SerialComInstruments - Free Virtual Instruments for MicroControllers

Status: Proposal
July 15, 2014
Submitted by: Ulrich Maassen (

With SerialComInstruments you can create virtual instruments for bidirectional connection of microcontrollers Serial/USB interface to virtual Com-Port of PC's. View all received data in realtime and send commands to the microcontroller as well. There are a lot of different instruments available and more will be provided in the future. SerialComInstruments works fine with microcontrollers like Atmel AVR, PIC, STM, Arduino. A complete project can be build within minutes. The data protocol is very simple to enable even hobbyiest to come to a working project with only a few lines of microcontroller code in a short time. The software is compatible with Windows XP to Win8 and under Linux using Wine. It is still in German language but easy to understand. Translation to English is comming soon. Website and Download: Forum:
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