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Usb modules - Arduino like board & soft

Status: Proposal
July 29, 2013

My projet : - Boards with arduino like connector for FTDI modules (FT2232, FT232 ....) - Netbeans templates projets for the programming of those modules in C++. (or Java) Programming via setup() and loop() like a arduino board. My first prototype is runnning on a old board (FT2232C), pinMode, digitalWrite and digitalRead have been tested. The I2C lib ans SPI lib are in progress. Analog and PWM are not possible with FT2xx chip, but attiny could be added and control via the SPI ou I2C lines. UART, RS232 & RS485 (why not elektorbus) will be added later. 

Documents in a google folder

State of the project

- Programming of the FTDI in MPSSE mode OK. (Library tested and hardware tested)

- Serial communication on both channel tested. (Library tested and hardware tested)

- Programming of a ATTINY 2313 via channel B of the ftdi chip and AVRDUDE tested. (Compile a small project with AVR Studio and flash the HEX code with averdude and the FT2232C chip)

- Schematic and routing of  breakout and programming board for FTDI2232C and AVR µC. 

- Test of programming of attiny85 and atmega328P planned for 9 of august.

Actually everything works on a breadboard..

First Netbeans C++ projet added. (work on Windows 7 64 bits)

7 august 2013

I have receive the avr chip for the test.

- ATTINY85 - Programming test ok. (With FT2232C module channel B)

- ATTINY2312 - Programming test ok.

- ATTINY4313 - Programming test ok. (After adding  4313 defs in averdude.conf file)

- ATmeg328   - Programming test ok. (After adding  328 defs in averdude.conf file)

The PCB is planned for end of August.

As soon as I received the BOB-FT232R I plan to test it for programming of those AVR processors. (And more if possible)
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How to connect the FTDI and the AVR to program and test.
Example of use.
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    First NetBeans project, Look at sketch.cpp. It work's!

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