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UV Exposure Unit with built in PIC-based timer

Status: Proposal
July 7, 2015
in Elektor magazine | September 2016 | Find it here

The idea of using Ultraviolet LEDs to expose photo-sensitive circuit board is not a new one but with this design I hope to provide a solution with consistent timed exposure using very simple circuit construction, downward exposure and using off-the-peg boxes to house the unit. In fact, everything has been designed with the home constructor in mind. The basic system consists of two circuit boards; the UV exposure circuit and the microcontroller timer circuit. The UV exposure board has 54 UV LEDs arranged in an offset matrix and the control Board is a simple PIC controller intended for mounting above the UV exposure board. It is programmed as an adjustable timer with a triple seven segment display, two timed outputs; one for single-sided PCB exposure and another for anyone wanting to extend the unit to include double-sided PCBs. Also, a sounder output is included to indicate when the selected exposure period is over: usually about 2.5 minutes.

Please see 'Other Files' below for a more detailed description of the project including images and descriptions displayed 'in context'.

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The completed unit
The LED Board showing the reed switch mounting
The completed circuits
Circuits mounted in the lid

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