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Wall Climbing Robot using arduino nano

Status: Proposal
June 10, 2019 , Latest update: June 10, 2019
in this robot we use arduino nanao because its size and weight is very less   In this project we have a tendency to discuss regarding wall ascent golem which will hop on walls, walk ceilings 
and additionally locomote the surface of earth. 1st of all we discover a 
lightweight weight thermo pore sheet to form a structure of wall ascent golem. we have a tendency to
 used Brushless DC Motor during this golem as a result of brushless DC motor has high speed and most revolutions per minute. 
exploitation High speed DC brushless motor we have a tendency to create high thrust in vacuum space on down aspect to movement 
and ascent on wall. we have a tendency to additionally use mini servo SG90 to regulate angle of suction cups in keeping with our 
demand and motor thrust of DC brushless. A wall ascent golem could be a distinctive plan in AI. we have a tendency to additionally
 embrace several options in wall ascent golem in future. 

Equipment Required:

Arduino nano 
l298 motor driver 
led light 
7805  voltage regulator 
 Brushless Motor
 Paper Cutter

12 voltage relay
Motor Propeller

 ESC Speed controller

 Servo motor SG90

 Mini DC Gear Motor 

 small IR Sensor

 Thermo pore Sheet

 lipo battery

 MOTOR Wheel

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