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Xmega Webserver Board [120126]

Status: Finished
September 4, 2012
2012-09-11 10.26.47 RS.jpg

Originally dedicated as hardware, which can act as master in ElektorBus-applications (instead of a PC or an Android device), this board could be used for many microcontroller-applications, which need a powerful controller, web-access, SD-card storage and/or a display. As far as I know, this is the first Xmega-Board developped for Elektor.


  • ATXmega256A3 with 256K Flash
  • Alphanumerical display module with LED-backlight and SPI-interface
  • RS485-driver, screwclamps for ElektorBus
  • Additional UART-Pins on Mini-DIN-connector (ElektorBus)
  • Can be equipped with Webserver/client module WIZNET WIZ812MJ
  • SD-Card socket
  • 4 Buttons, 4 LEDs
  • PDI-header for in-system-programming
  • Embedded Extension Connector: 3x ADC, 2 GPIO + SPI/I2C-interface on extension connector, the same pinout than on the Elektor Linux Board
  • FTDI-Cable and BOB-Pinheader for USB-connection

The circuit and PCB was developped by KöpLe Engineering GbR, Oberasbach, Germany.

Current status
The second revision of the Board is now ready. An article is planned for June 2013.

The board is supported by the Embedded Firmware Library EFL, so there will be software-support for all the features of the Board! 

Find more infos and software download at


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