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ClemensValens 2 days ago
Good find!
The Reminder Clock
780gordond 3 days ago
A nagging problem with the Reminder Clock has been corrected. Previous versions would stop working after some several months and testing would show there was no Eclk. Thinking the processor was bad replacing it seemed to solve the problem, for a time. However the failed processor was still hard to explain, because Freescale parts are very solid. Just now I discover a component was inadvertently omitted from the oscillator circuit: see R11 in the new schematic. The oscillator will work sometimes without it and sometimes not.  
The Reminder Clock
robvh 3 days ago
You can use Elektor PCB 160465 to setup 7 independant timers. No need to make your own PCB. See schematic. Use version 4 of the software for this setup.
Simple digital timer
Raabinator 4 days ago
Finally, a software version ist finished! It contains user-configurable effects and texts. There is also a description of the command line interface to customize the effects. Also addad some new effects: A battery gauge that shows battery level and voltage A game mode that counts you rotations and remembers the last and maximum Game-Result-Mode, shows the last and maximum rotation count Scolling-Text, text is scrolled row by row from the left to the right Word-Wise output is centered at the middle of the longest word Additionally, i added a top part of the housing with a cut-out for a programming/communication header. Uploaded some new videos to YouTube and linked them in. A software description will follow in the next days...
POV Fidget Spinner [160595]
Lucky 4 days ago
Good to hear that you solved this issue. I hope you were able to straighten the pins without breaking them off (yes: been there, done that :-( ) Lucky
6-digit Nixie clock [150189]