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1-30 MHz Concept Receiver

AM/SSB/CW, with plug-in resonators, filters or crystals

1-30 MHz Concept Receiver
A ‘concept circuit’ is not a common thing among homebrewers. Most of them usually build classic circuits that satisfy their needs without further experimenting. Occasionally someone comes up with an unusual idea that is worth trying out. When this idea works, it becomes a building block in future homebrew gear. The radio receiver presented in this article is such a concept circuit. It allows for broadband single signal (USB) reception while avoiding the extra complexity posed by circuits with similar features. Sure, a modern receiver would employ a direct conversion phasing-type front-end circuit topology (as with SDR) but is sure to require a fair amount of money and time to complete. The alternative presented here can be built for little money or with parts already available in the junk box. Its features should not be underestimated though.
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