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metronome extension - variations in tick-tack

metronome extension - variations in tick-tack
The metronome featured in our November 1983 issue (page 11-48) can be programmed to give two simultaneous pulse trains each with eight beats. If you find this inadequate for your requirements, we present an extension which will enable you to obtain one pulse train with sixteen beats. In addition, we will tell you how it is possible to time two or more instruments simultaneously. metronome extension elektor april 1984 metronome extension variations in tick-tack The first requirement is met by a small logic circuit with which all sixteen switches (Sla S8a and Slb S8b) are "scanned" alternately. This circuit consists of IC6 and IC7. An integral flip-flop in IC6 has its clock input (pin 3) connected to the "carry-out" output (pin 12) of ICI. As the metronome printed-circuit board has no provision for this connection, it has to be made by means of a short length of circuit wire. The flip-flop ensures that after the first eight steps output Q, and after the next eight steps, 0, becomes ...
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