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Overload indicator

Based on a Labs project | October 2011 | Find it here
Overload indicator
The overload indicator consists of a window comparator that measures the magnitude of an a.f. signal. Two of the opamps contained in an TL072 are supplied with a reference voltage by potential divider RI-R2-R3-P1. The outputs of the opamps drive T1 via diodes D1 end D2 (that function as half-wave rectifier). which in turn actuates D3. Network R5-R6-C2 ensures that the LED lights even during short signal peaks Capacitor C2 is charged fairly rapidly via D1 (or D2)and R6,after which it discharges slowly via R6, R9 and the base-emitter junction of T1. Capacitor C1 also contributes to the longer lighting of the LED.
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