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PCI-Hosted Measurement Cards

Towards the computer-driven test lab

Based on a Labs project | October 2011 | Find it here
Computer systems in test environments are no longer a rarity. Many applications fall back on the use of a PC as test equipment and end up producing a system that would not be feasible with conventional test equipment. With a suitable package consisting of sensors, test hardware, PC and standard test software it is possible to build a highly flexible system.To use any PC as a test instrument it must first be capable of inputting measured values during the test procedure, working with these values and then outputting the results in a form that can be used by other laboratory equipment, or if necessary to alter the test procedure itself. To convert a PC into a complete test laboratory three additional components are necessary:A sensor that can take the measurement and output it as a proportional voltage.Suitable test hardware.The measurement software.
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