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Based on a Labs project | October 2011 | Find it here
A few months ago under this heading, we presented a number of Internet addresses for MP3 projects. Most of them are based on re-using hardware from an old PC. However, there are also other possibilities, including projects for building your own portable MP3 player.A design based on a PC motherboard, a hard disk or CD-ROM drive, a few pushbuttons, an LCD module and some special software is not such a bad approach to making your own MP3 player, but the result can hardly be said to be compact. Nowadays, the subject of MP3 has become so popular that an increasing number of electronics engineers and hobbyists have given their attention to it, with the result that you can now find complete websites that are dedicated to the construction of truly portable (as opposed to ‘moveable’) MP3 players. A (mini) hard disk, CD-ROM drive or flash memory card is used as the storage medium.
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