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Elektor RFID Reader

For MIFARE® and ISO 14443-A cards

Elektor RFID Reader
RFID cards are becoming increasingly popular in many fields where previously barcodes and chip cards were used. They open up many new possibilities, such as applications in travel cards or even banknotes. As befits a premier electronics magazine, Elektor Electronics is offering its readers with this issue not only a free RFID card but also a professional RFID reader for your own applications. The design described here can both read from and write to all types of RFID card that are compatible with the MIFARE and ISO 14443-A international standards.
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Component list
(all SMD case 0805, 5%)
R1,R2,R6,R12,R15,R17 = 1k
R3,R4,R5 = 4k7
R7 = 2k7
R8,R9 = 4.7
R10 = 270
R11 = 10
R13 = 100k
R14,R16 = 10k
P1 = 10k-preset, SMD, 4 mm SQ
(all SMD case 0805, 16 V, ceramic)
C1,C2 = 47pF NP0
C3,C4,C5,C6,C9,C10,C11,C12,C16,C31 = 100nF
C7,C8,C13,C14 = 12pF NP0
C15 = 1nF NP0
C17,C19 = 220 p NP0
C18,C20 = not fitted
C21,C23 = 27pF NP0
C22,C24 = not fitted
C25,C27 = 68pF NP0
C26,C28 = not fitted
C29,C30, C32 = 2µF2
D1 = SMD LED (0805) green, low-current
D2 = SMD LED (0805) yellow, low-current
D3,D6,D7 = SMD LED (0805), red, low-current
D4 = BAS19 (200 mA; SOT23)
D5 = BAT54S (30V / 300 mA; SOT23)
T1,T2 = 6402 (p-channel MOSFET, 20V / 3.7A; SOT23)
T3 = BC517 (npn Darlington; TO92 case)
IC1 = FT232RQFN (QFN32 case, FTDI)
IC2 = 74HC02 (TSSOP14 case; NOR gate)
IC3 = P89LPC936FDH-S (SSOP28 case; Philips)
IC4 = MFRC52201HN1 (HVQFN32case; Philips)
IC5 = LM2937 (low-drop, 3V3, SOT223 case)
X1 = 16MHz quartz crystal (18pF parallel capacitance; 5×3.2mm)
X2 = 27.12MHz quartz crystal (18pF parallel capacitance; 5×3.2mm)
K1 = miniature USB-B socket, SMD, 5-way
L1 = SMD ferrite (1.5 A; 0805 case)
L2,L3 = 560nH SMD inductor (0805 case)
JP1,JP2 = 0.1-in. jumper (see text)
LCD1 = LCD module with 2x16 characters and backlight
Enclosure, dim. 146x91x33 mm with LCD window and battery compartment for 4 AA batteries
PCB, order code 060132-91 (populated and tested, including USB cable; see Elektor SHOP pages and www.elektor.com)
Compatible LC display (see Elektor SHOP pages and www.elektor.com)
89LPC936 source & hex code files; free download from www.elektor.com
Mifare Magic PC software incl. source code; free download from www.elektor.com
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