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USB/DMX512 Converter

Housed inside an XLR connector!

USB/DMX512 Converter
All amateur disc jockeys and light jockeys dream about it: a DMX512 converter not bigger than an XLR connector! But at a retail price of more than 500 pounds for this type of accessory, the dream may never come true. Here is a project that will make some on the dance floors very happy... the DMX converter of their dreams and for only a few pounds.
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Gerber file

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Component list
R1 = 1k5 0.25W 5% (0805)
C1 = 150nF ceramic (0603)
C2 = 220nF ceramic (0603)
IC1= DS75176BM (National Semiconductor)
IC2 = PIC16C745-I/SO, programmed, order code 060012-41
X1 = 6MHz resonator, Murata CSTCR6M00G53-R0
XLR connector, Cannon type 10HC089 (e.g. www.distrelec.com, # 112242) USB A-A cable, 1.8m, standard
PCB, ref. 060012-1 from The PCBshop
Project software, free download # 060012-11.zip
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