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Explorer-16 (part 1)

Free CD-ROM with MPLAB C30, MPLAB IDE, Proteus VSM

Explorer-16 (part 1)
If ever there was a golden opportunity to move on to 16-bit microcomputing at a serious level, join Microchip, Labcenter and Elektor with their groundbreaking Explorer-16 project. And there’s more in the pipeline if you like to run simulations on your PC. For now, no hardware is required. You have your free CD-ROM supplied with this issue so let’s get started with installing Microchip MPLAB and C30 and then Proteus VSM.Extra InfoAll readers of the article series and users of the Explorer-16 Value Pack are advised to go to the project page at www.elektor.com/UK_explorer-16This page supplies the latest project information, updates and free downloads.Text CorrectionIn the inset box on page 25, point 5 should read: 5. Now select Build All from the Project menu.
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