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Two-axis 2g accelerometer with SpYder and a Freescale micro

g-Force on LEDs

Two-axis 2g accelerometer with SpYder and a Freescale micro
Here’s a playful yet educational application of a Freescale MC9S08 microcontroller. It continues from last month’s Attack of the SpYder article and should help you get to grips with the basics of migrating an MC9S08 micro from thinkware to hardware, all along an extremely low-cost route with three free items thrown in exclusively for Elektor readers.
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Component list
R1 = 10?
R2 = 4k?7
R3-R7,R9,R12,R13 = 1k?
R8,R10,R11 = 100?
C1-C7 = 100nF
D1 = zener diode 18V 500mW
D2-D5 = LED, green, low current, 3mm
D6,D7,D8,D11 = LED, amber or yellow, low current, 3mm
D9,D10,D12,D13 = LED, red, low current, 3mm
T1-T4 = BC547
IC1 = TS2950CT-3.3
IC2 = MC9S08QG8CPBE (16-pin PDIP; Freescale free sample service)
IC3 = MMA7260Q acceleration sensor on carrier board (free, see PCB set below)
K1 = 2-way pinheader for battery connection.
K2 = 6-way boxheader
K3 = 9-way SIL pinheader
K4 = 9-way receptacle for K3
S1,S2 = pushbutton, 1 make contact, footprint 6mm
4 PCB spacers, length = 10 mm
PCB set, includes two free MMA7260Q accelerometer devices (IC3). Order code 060297-71, see Elektor SHOP.
Project software, free download # 060297-11.zip
Supplementary documents, free download
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