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Programmer for Freescale 68HC(9)08

First steps in 8-bit development

Programmer for Freescale 68HC(9)08
Freescale is one of the leaders in the microprocessor and microcontroller market, backing up its products with a very comprehensive range of support products and high-performance development tools. For the price of a 74xx TTL IC, there’s something to delight anyone nostalgic for the 68HC11. Here’s a programmer that lets you program Flash M68HC08 and 68HC908 family microcontrollers.
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Gerber file

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Component list
R1 = 1M?
R2 = 10k?
R3,R5,R9 = 680?
R6,R7,R8 = 1k?
C1,C6 = 22 pF
C2-C5 = 1µF 16V
C9,C10 = 47µF 16V
C16, C17 = 100nF
D1 = 1N4004
D2 = 1N4148
D3 = zener diode 9.1V / 400mW
D4 = LED, red, 5mm
IC1 = 74AC04N
IC2 = MAX232 (Maxim)
IC3 = 7805
S1 = momentary switch, push-to-make
X1 = 9.8304MHz quartz crystal
K1 = HE10 header, 2 rows of 8 contacts
K2 = 9-pin sub-D socket (female), PCB mount
K3 = snap-off pinheader, 1 row of 2 contacts (Power)
JP1 = snap-off pinheader, 2 rows of 3 contacts
PCB, ref. 060263, from The PCBShop
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