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LED’s Dive!

Underwater torch using Luxeon LEDs

LED’s Dive!

It can often be fairly dark under water, especially at greater depths. A diving torch is essential if you want to be able to enjoy the marine scenery (or to help with a rescue operation). It’s easy to go out and buy a new lamp, but an old one still has its uses too! More so if we add some powerful LEDs.

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Gerber file

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Component list


R1,R2 = 6Ω8

R3,R4 = 8Ω2

R5 = 1kΩ5


C1,C2 = 1000(F 25V radial


L1 = 100(H (C&D Technologies type 1410478C)


D1 = MUR420

D2 = zener diode 8V2

D3 = BAT82

IC1 = LT1070

D4-D10 = Luxeon Star 3W LXLH-LW3C


7 x collimator lens, 15º, Carclo part # 10003/15

7 x lens holder, Carclo part # 10043

PCB, ref. 070011-1 from www.thePCBShop.com

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