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Cylon Voice

Robotalk from an ATtiny microcontroller

Cylon Voice
A voice changer that emulates a so-called Cylon voice can be implemented with the help of a small microcontroller. Those of you who have watched the (recent or older) TV series of Battlestar Galactica will immediately know what we’re talking about. For the non-SF fans amongst you, this is a metallic sounding robot voice. The circuit can be used as a gadget, but was originally designed to show how a simple digital circuit could be used for audio processing.
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Gerber file

CAM/CAD data for the PCB referred to in this article is available as a Gerber file. Elektor GREEN and GOLD members can exclusively download these files for free as part of their membership. Gerber files allow a PCB to be produced on an appropriate device available locally, or through an online PCB manufacturing service.

Elektor recommends its business partner Eurocircuits as the company of choice for its own prototypes and volume production in selected cases.

Component list


R18 = 10Ω

R9 = 33Ω

R14 = 220Ω

R5 = 470Ω

R13,R15 = 1kΩ

R12,R16 = 4kΩ7

R1 = 10k

R10 = 27k

R4 = 220k

R2 = 330k

R3, R11 = 470k

P1,P2 = 500k

P3,P4 = 50k


C1 = 56pF

C2 = 2uF2 25V

C18 = 4nF7

C17 = 47nF

C6 = 470nF

C3,C4,C5,C11,C12,C15 = 100nF

C1 = 1uF 25V

C9 = 10uF 25V

C10,C14 = 100uF 25V

C13 = 22uF 25V

C7 = 2nF2

C16 = 22nF


IC1 = ATtiny45, programmed, Elektor Shop # 070859-41

IC2 = LF356

IC3 = 78L05

IC4 = LM386-N3


K1 = 2-way SIL pinheader

K2 = 3-way SIL pinheader

MIC1 = electret microphone

PCB, ref. 070859-1, see www.elektor.com

Project software, 070859-11.zip
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