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Elektor AVRprog

Simple AVR universal programmer with USB

Elektor AVRprog
Two events triggered the conception of this AVR programmer: the feedback received on USBprog from Elektor, October 2007 and a series of articles started last month around our ATM18 project. The outcome is a plug-and-play AVRISP mk2-compatible USB programmer for AVR controllers!
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Component list


R1,R2 = 10kΩ, SMD 0603

R3 = 1MΩ, SMD 0603

R4 = 1kΩ5, SMD 0603

R5,R6 = 274Ω, SMD 0603


C1,C2 = 15pF, SMD 0603

C4,C6,C8,C9,C10 = 100nF, SMD 0603

C5,C7 = 1µF, SMD 0603


IC1 = Atmega16-16MU, MLF44


D1 = LED red, SMD 0603

D1 = LED green, SMD 0603


Y1 = 24 MHz quartz crystal, HC49/4 case

K3 = Mini USB socket type A-USBB-M5/SMD

JP2 = 6-way boxheader

Ready-assembled and tested module, incl. USB and ISP cable, order code 080083-71
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