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A high-voltage regulator for valve amps

This article describes a novel design for a high-voltage regulator that is very simple yet offers excellent performance. The output voltage is fully adjustable with a single resistor without any changes in performance. You can use several types of tubes or MOSFETs for the pass device in the circuit.
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Gerber file

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Extra info / Update
Quick Project Specs
- Universal design, output voltage easily adjustable with one resistor
- Low output impedance and low hum and noise over the complete audio band
- Output voltage adjustable between 0 and 500 V, up to 1 A output current
- Usable for valve preamplifiers and (single ended) power amps
- Build-in delay function (30 s) for output voltage after power-on
- Three plug-in options available for the pass device: with 6528 valve (max. 600 mA); with EL84/6BQ5 or EL86/6CW5 valve (max. 50 mA), or with DN2540 MOSFET (max. 1 A)
Component list
main board

R1 = 1kOhm3
R2 = 13Ohm3
R3 = 250kOhm (see text)
R4 = 330Ohm
R5 = 560kOhm
R6 = 3kOhm6
R7 = 470kOhm
R8 = 1MOhm
R9,R13 = 120kOhm
R10 = 12Ohm (see text)
R11 = 2kOhm2
R12 = 10kOhm
R14 = 820Ohm
R15 = 1kOhm

C1 = 1µF 560V MKT
C2 = 1000 µF 16V
C3 = 22 µF 15V
C4,C5 = 4µF7 300V
C6,C7 = 47µF 500V

IC1 = LMC555
IC2 = LM334
TH1 = C106M1G (thyristor for 600V 2.5A)
IC3 = TLP3052
T1 = BC556
T2 = 2SA1208
T3 = 2SC2910
D1 = 100V 5W zener diode
D2 = 15V 0.5W zener diode
D8 = 1N4148
D3,D4,D6,D7 = UF4007 (fast/soft recovery rectifier 1000V 1A)
D5 = LED, yellow, 5mm (.2") pitch
D9 = LED, red, .5mm (2") pitch
D10 = LED green, 5mm (.2") pitch
B1 = DF005M (bridge rectifier 50V/1A)

F1 = 1A fuse, round, plug-in
K1 = 3-way PCB screw terminal block, lead pitch 5mm (.2”)
K2,K3,K4 = 2-way SIL socket strip
K5,K6 = 4-way SIL socket strip
K7,K8,K9 = 2-way PCB screw terminal block, lead pitch 5 mm (.2”)
DIL-06 IC socket
DIL-08 IC socket
4 standoffs, h=12mm (.5”)
4 machine screws for standoffs
PCB, ref. 081089-1 from www.thepcbshop.com

6528 plug-in

R1,R2 = 1kOhm 0.5W, 1%
R3,R4 = 12Ohm 2W, 1%
V1 = 6528 or 6080
K2,K3,K4 = 2-way pinheader
K5,K6 = 4-way pinheader
PCB-mount Octal socket
PCB, ref. 081089-2 from www.thepcbshop.com

EL84/6BQ5 plug-in

R1 = 1kOhm 0.5W, 1%
V1 = EL84 (6BQ5) or EL86 (6CW5)
K2,K3,K4 = 2-way pinheader
K5,K6 = 4-way pinheader
PCB-mount Noval socket
PCB, ref. 081089-3 from www.thepcbshop.com

DN2540 plug-in

R1,R2 = 100Ohm 0.5W, 1%
R3,R4 = 5Ohm6 2W, 1%
D1-D4 = 15V 0.5W zener diode
D5,D6 = 100V 5W zener diode
T1,T2 = DN2540
K2,K3,K4 = 2-way pinheader
Heat sink(s) 4 K/W, e.g. Wakefield 637-20ABPE
PCB, ref. 081089-4 from www.thepcbshop.com
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