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Pre-emphasis for FM Transmitter

Pre-emphasis for FM Transmitter
This circuit was specially designed to be used with the FM Audio Transmitter found elsewhere in the Summer Circuits 2009 issue, but it can also be useful as an addition to other transmitters. The circuit uses a dual opamp.
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Gerber file

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Extra info / Update


* Correction network for FM Transmitter # 080727
* Also includes a 19-kHz filter
* Current consumption of 3 mA

Component list

Resistors (all SMD 0805)
R1,R2 = 22k
R3 = 10k
R4 = 100
R5,R7 = 15kO (24kO for 75 µs)
R6 = 3kO3 (3kO6 for 75 µs)
R8, R9 = 100k
C1,C7 = 4µF7 10V
C2,C8 = 100nF
C3,C6 = 47pF
C4 = 2nF2
C5 = 2nF7
L1 = 33mH, e.g. 22R336C Murata Power Solutions (Farnell # 1077046)
IC1 = TLC082CD SO8 (Farnell # 8453713)

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