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  • Published in issue 7/2009 on page 39
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SMD Transistor Tester

SMD Transistor Tester
The key advantage of this project is that the TUT (transistor under test) is pressed hard onto three PCB tracks that lead directly to sockets into which a conventional transistor tester can be plugged. It really is this simple (without any soldering) to check whether the TUT is flaky or worth keeping for reuse.
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* Standalone SMD transistor tester
* Identifies defective transistors
* Distinguishes NPN from PNP

Component list
R1 = 1M
R2 = 1k
R3, R4 = 10k
C1 = 220nF
C2 = 100nF
D1, D2 = LED, 3 mm
D3, D4 = BAS32
IC1 = 4049 (SO16)
S1 = pushbutton, push to make
12 V battery GP23A
Mechanical parts as described
PCBs (see text)
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