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An E-Blocks IR RC5 Decoder

An E-Blocks IR RC5 Decoder
The infrared (IR) decoder described here was designed to enable an E-Blocks development system to process commands from RC5 (compatible) remote controls typically used for Philips audio/video equipment. The E-blocks complement consists of 1 x PICmicro USB Multiprogrammer EB-006 with 4 MHz xtal; 1 x EB-007 (8 push to make switches) connected to PORTC; 1 x EB-005 imitation LCD board (16x4) connected to PORTA; 1 x EB-004 LED board or 8-Relay board connected to PORTD; 1 x EB-004 LED board connected to PORTE (or just one LED and a 470 O resistor on RE1).
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