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Luxeon Logic, brightness control for LED torches

Luxeon Logic, brightness control for LED torches
The small super-bright Luxeon LEDs from Philips are suitable for many applications, including small but handy (that is, bright) pocket torches. However, you don't always need maximum brightness, so it would be nice to have a simple brightness control. The circuit described here is baed on an ATtiny microcontroller to enable convenient one-button operation. Three brightness levels can be selected by pressing the button one to three times in succession.
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Extra info / Update


* Three selectable brightness levels
* One-button operation
* Microcontroller control circuit
* Current consumption in sleep mode only 1.2 µA

Component list
R1 = 3O3 (1206)
R2 = 390Ohm (1206)
C1 = 100nF (1206)
C2 = 22µF 10V (SMD)
T1,T2 = 2N2222 (SOT-23)
IC1 = ATtiny25-20SU (SOT-8)
LED1 = Luxeon LED, 1W (SMD), white
PCB # 081159-1
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