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GPS Datalogger

Basic Stamp linked to Google Earth

GPS Datalogger
There are plenty of projects out there that deal with GPS and microcontrollers, many of which make use of the data for such things as navigation. The Robo-Magellan competition is one such application. But what if you wanted to visualise the path your robot took through such a course? Better yet, what if you wanted to log the path of a bike or car trip? Here’s how, making use of a very popular application called GoogleEarth.
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Component list
Parallax part numbers in brackets
Super Carrier Board (#27130) (optional, see text)
BASIC Stamp 2 Module (#BS2-IC)
GPS Module (#28146)
Memorystick Datalogger (#27937)
2x 10kO resistor
220O resistor
2x tactile switch (#400-00002)
Bi-Colour LED (#350-00005)
Optional components
1 rubber foot (included with Super Carrier board)
1 12mm (0.5") M3 threaded PCB standoff (US: F-F, 4-40)
2 M3 screw (US: 4-40, 1/4") (#700-00028)
4-pin SIP Socket (#450-00401)
LED standoff (#350-90000)
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